About Us

We Are Preparing a Master Piece

SARBONI studio's core founders are old friends reuniting after more than 25 years of friendship, with diverse backgrounds and expertise in their respective fields. MJ, as an artist, and Benjamin, as a professional programmer, brought the rest of the team together to form the ideal team. Our standard was commitment and specialization based on merit, not just friendship.

We spent a long time researching before getting to work

There were many options to begin with in today's world, with Web 3.0 and many attractions and diverse audiences, but we chose to begin with smaller projects to increase its success rate and build on our credibility and reputation. Who wouldn't want to be the best? We begin with small steps, but these are significant.

Who doesn't want to be the best? We begin with small steps, but these small steps can go on indefinitely. We are hoping that our daughters will follow in our footsteps in the future. Oh, almost forgot, an angel was born into the Sarboni family right at the start of this project, and during the project days, we were distracted by her cries and laughs, the best inspiration and reminded us of what goals we have for the future of her and many like her to create a better world and environment for our children and leave a legacy they will be proud of.

Now, our four girls are being raised gradually so that they can embark on their own journeys and, perhaps, someday become leaders in their own fields and callings.

A Worldwide based Artist, Designers, and Developers. Currently creating new collections of NFT and digital art