a place unlike any other

Juti planet is an earth-like habitable extrasolar moon from the SARBONI galaxy system covered with vast jungles and has 20,000 occupants. Time is not linear on planet Juti, and it is always past, present, and future at the same time. Juti has no time dimension!
Juti is a huge NFT collection with more than 500+ layers! They are all unique and with different traits. Jutis are full of life! Planet Juti is our first NFT collection, and we are proud to present to you the types of creatures living on this planet.

some inhabitants of the planet

Juti planet start package

  • FreeMiNT JUTI 18,000 NFTs available to whitelist users via premint.xyz
  • Option to request large format Jpeg or PNG for token holders
  • Private discord channel for collectors and owners to collaborate for future projects
  • 10 Special tokens that will Airdrop reandomly between owners of more than at least five tokens who bought those tokens
  • Holders have full right to use the NFTs for their commercial
  • Community giveaway will start on sellout

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