We Are excited to share what we have in our mind!

Vision & Value

We are combining humor and seriousness in the NFT world with different characteristics where we can express ourselves with art. This expression can take a wide variety of forms, and it can be any form from society, business to worlds-crisis. We don't draw a clear line between satire and sincerity in our arts! It can be tricky, fun, and sometimes sad!


We are Community First. The survival of an NFT project is based on the community. A healthy community can help Sarboni strive for its business and develop more ideas, not only NFTs. We are giving away many NFTs to commemorate the community we are building and to show our appreciation.


We look forward to a successful partnership with whoever holds our NFT and are open to forming alliances with any organization or company interested in working with us. So please find us on our Discord channel and send us a message on the appropriate channel but no SPAMMING!

Giving Back & Charity

With every project, we plan to set aside a percentage for donating to causes that you and we care about most. At Sarboni, supporting good causes and giving back to the world where it needs help is a priority. So let us know where we could help and tell us about charities and events we could participate in legally.

Research, Innovation & Creativity

The team at Sarboni is well aware of the complexity of Web3 and its challenges in the crypto world. We are also trying to stay aware of things happening in the world. We research and study those events and combine them with art and technique. We want to keep our work fun, realistic, and fictional and develop new ideas and innovations in the Web3 world.

Spread Positivity

With all troubles happening daily in our world, we want to spread positivity, joy, and kindness. We can do this in many ways, perhaps a piece of art or an event that can bring us closer to each other.

What's in your MIND?

Let us know what you think, and help us with new ideas. We listen to you and are open to constructive criticism. By the way, you are our partner at Sarboni!

A Worldwide based Artist, Designers, and Developers. Currently creating new collections of NFT and digital art